“Get ready to be part of a voyage, which will take you to a journey immersed in sheer luxury, exhilarating experiences curated exclusively to pamper you.” Get ready for FTV events...


Events industry in India is predicted to cross the 10,000 crore mark by 2020-2021. The key growth drivers of event management in India are digitization, high demand of luxurious events by masses, thriving pop culture, and increased government marketing initiatives.

What sets us apart?

  • 360 Events Support
  • Massive Brand Value
  • Vast Network of Experts
  • Better Profits

Identify and choose from FTV Events franchise business.

Connect with FTV and finalize the terms.

Mutually Develop, finalize the event plan.

Get required legal approvals for the events.

Start the execution and production for the event as per the finalized plan mentioned above.



To offer franchise for FTV Events to glamour enthusiasts like you, who have a flair for creating larger-than-life experiences. Offering support in establishing your event start-up with the credible brand name of FashionTV.


To become the leader in the event industry, by offering event franchise businesses filled with benefits for you as an event franchisee. As a franchisor, of a proven event franchise business model, we support you in starting a successful event business in your region.


To provide premium event franchise business support in order to make a hold in the allocated region, so you can increase your profit margins and become an inspiration for others in the industry, persuading others to believe in the idea of FashionTV.


FashionTV is renowned for its 360 degree support that we provide to all our event franchisees. We work in synergy with our franchisees to ensure business growth and success.