FashionTV is a global network that presents fashion in new and imaginative ways every day!

From the front row of the biggest fashion shows, runways, highlights of all the best fashion stories from around the world to the ravishingly hot models, FashionTV brings them to you first.

The FTV+ platform presents 12 stunning thematic media such as Fashion Week, Swimwear, Models, Designers, Bridal, Hair and Makeup, Fashion men, etc. FashionTV broadcasts a variety of exclusive content on these media platforms. The following are the details of the 12 media of FashionTV.


Witness the world of sensuality and seduction on ‘Midnight Secrets’ channel, where beautiful women take you on the journey of sensuality and luxury.

With Midnight Secrets, you get to peek inside the sexiest shows, and photoshoots of lingerie, swimwear, beachwear, sexy calendar shoots starring the sultriest and hottest models from the fashion industry.

Watch the Midnight Secrets shows 24x7 available on our TV Network. You can also access the channel ‘on-demand’ with our VOD service any time you want.


Fashion has always been an integral part of men’s lifestyle. Right from grooming, clothing, fitness, diet, health to making a career in the fashion and entertainment industry, every aspect is interestingly presented by FashionTV on F-Men media channel.

F-Men is our premium media channel made exclusively for men.

With F-Men you can get access to the amazing shows related to men's Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Style, Grooming, Clothing, Men's Fashion, and everything that revolves around the lives of men.

F-Men gives you access to watch the shows 24x7 on our FashionTV+ platform. The best part is that you can also access the media channel ‘on-demand’ and on the go with our amazing VOD services.


Hair and makeup are the most important part of grooming and fashion. Your hairstyle and makeup complement your appearance to a great extent. They are also an integral part of the fashion and entertainment industry.

If makeup is an art, then we are the maestro of makeup. With FashionTV’s Hair and Makeup media channel, we bring you a plethora of interesting content from the world of hairstyling and makeup.

We share some stunning shows about hairstyling, makeup, and beauty trends on our Hair and Makeup media channel. You can watch the Hair and Makeup media channel any time on our TV network and you can also access the shows on the media channel ‘on-demand’ so you can watch them any time you want.


FashionTV is known for its authentic and engaging content. FashionTV brings you a ton of interesting shows which take you on an immersive journey of the fashion world.

FashionTV L'Original channel gives you access to the premium original FTV fashion shows like fashion weeks, calendar shoots, swimwear shoots, etc. across the world straight on your TV.

You can also access the media channel ‘on-demand’ from your smartphone.


With our Photoshoots channel, we take you to the backstage fun of behind-the-scenes of various photoshoots of FashionTV. You can watch all the interesting photoshoots of catalogs, calendars at exotic locations around the world through the eyes of some of the most iconic fashion photographers.

FashionTV brings you the most trendy collection of the most beautiful calendar, lingerie, fashion weeks, ramp walks, swimwear shoots from around the world! You can see all the hottest designs in this compilation with leading brands and top models.

From Bali to Kauai, the tropical beaches to perfect quiet luxurious indoor spaces, interviews with the photographers, and behind-the-scenes of photoshoots, everything is now at your fingertips! You can see the hottest models like Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid, Kate Bock, Barbara Palvin, and more ravishing photoshoots!


FashionTV brings you the most curated and finest collection of Fashion. Films of your favourite fashion designers and popular fashion houses around the world.

Witness the visual journey of iconic brands like Gucci, D&G, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Cartier, Miu Miu, and many others being created which have shaped the history of the fashion world. You also get to enjoy the Fashion Films genres like comedy, drama, glamour, beauty, etc.

The best part of Fashion Films is you get to see your favourite models from around the world starring in the films with their amazing performances. You can watch the shows of Fashion Films media channel on your TV network and any time on your smartphone with our ‘on-demand’ service.


FashionTV is synonymous with fashion, and fashion weeks are like festivals of the fashion world. With the Fashion Weeks media channel, you can catch the latest fashion trends across the world from the top Fashion Weeks destinations like New York, Milan, London, and Paris.

Witness the inside out of how the Fashion Weeks work. You can also get access to a sneak peek of how events are made successful and all the offstage fun.

You can watch the shows on the Fashion Week's media channel right on your TV network and on your smartphone with our VOD service.


FashionTV gives you insights into the fashion industry across the world at your fingertips. Get the latest updates, news, and alerts about the fashion world with our FashionTV Global channel.

The best part about FashionTV global is that you can watch the channel any time on your TV network. You can also watch the media channel 24x7 on your smartphone with our VOD services.


Walking down the aisle with that astonishing white wedding dress is the dream of many women.

There are a plethora of things that go around a wedding. These things can easily overwhelm any bride. But there’s nothing to worry about because FashionTV brings you a Bridal Fashion channel to give you insights about the world of bridal fashion.

Our shows on the Bridal Fashion media channel have content about everything, right from the wedding dress, makeup, hairstyling, wedding venue, themes, food, and catering.

We take you on the ride of the wedding fashion industry on our Bridal Fashion media channel. You can watch our Bridal Fashion media channel on the TV network and on your smartphone with our VOD service.


FashionTV’s Model Fitness is where luxury meets fitness. It takes blood, sweat, and hard work to achieve your dream physique and we are your companions in your fitness journey.

You get some insightful knowledge from our 'Model Fitness' media channel. We have got some amazing shows related to nutrition, health, workouts, fitness regimes, diets, and many other aspects of fitness that will help you to achieve your fitness goal.

With 'Model Fitness' media channel, you can learn the tricks of the trades in the fitness world.

You can also access various shows where you’ll get to see the fitness regimes, lifestyles, diets of male and female models, fitness models shoots, fitness shows, and everything about the fitness of the models.


Models are one of the important elements of FashionTV. Many popular and successful models associate with FashionTV for various shows, events, shoots, and fashion weeks.

Early in the years, the journey of today's successful models started and it took a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance to reach where they are.

With FTV Top Model, you get to spectate the journey of some of the most popular and successful models across the world and how they played their roles in shaping the fashion industry.

Watch the stories about successful models like Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Natasha Poly, Adriana Lima, and many more. You can watch these shows on your TV network and you can also access the shows on the go with our VOD service.


Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. A lot of things go around in the fashion scenario in Paris.

From prominent fashion weeks, calendar shoots, brand collaborations, to fashion events, parties, product launches. The first choice for every fashion-related event is Paris.

Now you can catch the latest shows, fashion weeks, photoshoots, calendar shoots, after parties, behind the scenes of shows, and everything about fashion that goes around in Paris.

You can watch the media channel on your TV network and can also access it from your smartphone with our VOD service.

With the rising popularity of the FashionTV+ media channel and demand of the audience, FashionTV will launch some exclusive new media on the FashionTV+ media platform.

Which will include, Men’s Secrets, Lingerie, 4K Channel, VR Channel, and FashionTV China will soon be added to the FashionTV+ platform.


FashionTV is the biggest fashion media channel in the world and the only global 24x7 television station focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends, and lifestyle.

It’s a global multimedia channel and network in fashion and lifestyle content. Broadcasting to over 60 satellites in SD, HD, and 3D, 530+ TV platforms, mobiles, IPTV, smart TVs, and smartphones.

It has over 300 hours of new programming each month highlighting the latest trends, major fashion shows, designer events, and highlights of fashion industry professionals.

FashionTV can be viewed on the following: Apple TV, Roku, Youku and will soon be available on many mobile devices such as Sony, Verizon, MTC, Ericsson to name a few.

  • 500 Million+ Households TV Sets globally
  • World’s 4th Most Distributed Channel
  • 10 Million+ Public Places Globally
  • 5 Million+ page views on FashionTV.com
  • 65 Million+ views on FashionTV YouTube media channel channel
  • 12 Million+ views per week on Facebook
  • 300K+ followers on Instagram with 125K+ organic reach per month
  • 4 Million+ followers on Facebook.

FashionTV is the world’s first fashion media channel with a niche audience consisting of celebrities, designers, and models. FTV audiences have a high standard when it comes to their taste in fashion. They swear by the world’s leading designers and dress to impress.

These beautiful people have an exclusive and high-end approach towards fashion and are ready to spend their money on the best that fashion has to offer. They are aware, socially well connected, and networking is an important part of their lives.

Here are some amazing facts about FashionTV’s audience.

  • 270,000 affluent FashionTV viewers bought jewellery (not a watch) over €1,500
  • 213,000 affluent FashionTV viewers bought a designer suit/ dress worth over €1000
  • 11% of the affluent FashionTV viewers bought a briefcase/ handbag over €500
  • 301,000 affluent FashionTV viewers bought a pair of shoes over €500
  • In the last 12 months, FashionTV viewers made seven return air trips on average and they spent 23 nights in hotels.
  • In comparison to other TV media, FTV viewers are more affluent, older and have a higher education. They have a high-income bracket and the viewers are younger than the average viewer for a news or sports media channel.

FashionTV has a niche audience whose viewers consist of celebrities, models, and designers who have excellent taste and whose fashion choices and purchases are influenced by FashionTV. Keeping up with millennials and the age of digitalization, our outreach has been staggering and FashionTV is on every social media platform.

FashionTV’s viewers love the premium content they receive on FashionTV media channel. The viewers of FashionTV watch the media channel for an average of 45 minutes per day. Following are some of the interesting statistics about FashionTV viewers.

  • 29% of the interviewed individuals know FashionTV with a high viewership of the age group of men between 25 - 49 years old.
  • 21% of individuals who know FashionTV, also watch it. Among them, 6% are regular viewers and 15% are occasional viewers.
  • 47% of viewers give FashionTV a rating between 7 and 10.
  • FashionTV media channel viewership is the highest between the times 8.30 pm to 10.45 pm.
  • 84% of viewers appreciate at least one of the topics covered by FashionTV.
  • FashionTV has 44% of the share of fashion and lifestyle media in India.
  • The majority of the FashionTV viewers in India are from the north region with a 42% share.
  • FashionTV’s male viewership is 57% and female viewership is 43%.
  • 60% of the viewers watch FashionTV on weekdays.

FashionTV has always been synonymous with fashion, luxury, and beauty aesthetics. We keep collaborating with popular and premium fashion brands around the world ranging from categories like cosmetics, Fashion, exotic cars to premium apparel. We present an opportunity to every premium, luxurious brand in the world to partner with us and relish the fruits of FashionTV's enormous brand value.

With FashionTV, various premium brands get an opportunity to be showcased in various fashion events like fashion weeks, photoshoots, calendar shoots, after-parties, and a list of events.

Our partner brands get global recognition and a chance to showcase their brand, products, and services in front of FashionTV's massive affluent audience. We collaborate with premium brands to ensure our opulent audience gets the best of what fashion has to offer.

Here are some of our partner brands who have collaborated with FashionTV.

  • Designer labels associated with FTV- Dior, Burberry, Bulgari, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Ermenegildo Zegna, Prada, Versace, Chanel, MaxMara, Fendi, Hermes, and Gucci to name a few
  • Luxury Automobiles- Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz
  • Luxury Timepieces - Chopard, Rolex, Cartier
  • Luxury Accessories- Tiffany and Co, Lancome